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I bought these Professional Soft Tip darts after trying several others. I like the way they look, and they feel really good in my hands. They’re easy to throw, and they’re accurate. They’re also fairly inexpensive, and they come with a soft tip.

I like that they have a very sharp point, so they’re easy to throw and catch. The soft tip gives you a good grip, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. The darts are pretty lightweight, and they don’t get too hot in your hand.

you have a lot of options. Some are more durable than others, and some are more comfortable than others. And if you want to get the most out of your darts, you need to make sure you’re using a dart that will give you the best possible results.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend these darts. so here are the 5 best professional soft-tip darts. They’re a great value for the money. They’re comfortable and easy to use. 

1. Viper Astro (80% Tungsten) Darts – The Best Professional Soft Tip Darts

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I got this dart set for my brother, who’s a big fan of darts. It’s made from tungsten, which is an incredibly dense material. It’s hard to find tungsten darts, but this one’s really nice. They’re also really smooth and soft. The set comes with a storage case that you can put them in, and a travel case. It’s really nice to have both. The storage case is perfect for when you’re not using them.

It’s nice to have the travel case, too. It’s a little bigger than the storage case, and it’s a nice way to protect the darts. They’re still in the travel case when you buy them. You can also purchase extra darts if you want.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this dart set. I’m happy with it. It’s really nice.


Ultra Slim: The barrel is about the same thickness as a pen. It is so thin, that you could easily slide it through your pocket.

Great for Throwing: The barrel is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. It has a slim shape, so it is easier to hold.

Efficient: With a thin, lightweight barrel, it is more efficient to throw. The slim barrel allows for more consistency.

Long Lasting: The barrel is manufactured with a high percentage of tungsten. Tungsten has the longest history of use and proven durability of any metal.

Diamond-Cut Etchings: The diamond-cut etchings provide a firm grip and a more stable throw.

What you will get:

  • 13 2BA Tufflex II Tips.
  • 3 Extra nylon shafts.
  • 6 extra Flights.
  • Accessory bag.
  • Tactech case.
  • Dart repair tool.

2. Viper Diamond (90% Tungsten)

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I picked up these darts about a month ago, and I have to say that they are really great. They have a great balance, and they’re really nice to throw. They’re soft, and they’re really easy to throw. The tungsten tip is soft, and it’s nice and easy to throw. It’s smooth, and it’s really nice. I like the storage case, and I like that it’s travel-sized.

It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it. These are the nicest darts that I’ve used. They’re great for beginners.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this product. It’s great value for the money. 

The Viper Diamond Soft Tip Darts are a great choice for the serious dart player. The Viper Tungsten Soft Tip Darts come with a storage case that is perfect for travel. The darts are made from the highest quality materials.

The soft tip is very easy to grip and will not get easily damaged. The barrel of the dart is made from tungsten which gives it incredible strength and balance. The barrel is also nickel plated to prevent rust.

The barrels are precision machined and have a deep grove and knurled bands. 

What you will get:

  • 3 Fully assembled darts 
  • 6 Extra 2BA Tips
  • 3 Extra convex nylon shafts
  • 3 extra Flights
  • Flight protectors
  • Deluxe Dart Pal case

3. Red Dragon Amberjack darts

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These are tungsten steel soft tips, which are really soft. I don’t have any complaints about them. They feel comfortable in his hands, and he can shoot them really well. The darts are made out of tungsten, and the flights are made out of wood.

It’s easier to throw, and it’s more stable. I also like that the flights are Hardcore. I’ve never had a set of darts that felt so nice.

They’re easy to use, and they’re comfortable to hold. I like that they’re tungsten steel. I like that they don’t bend or break. They feel strong. These darts are perfect for beginners and pros alike!

What you will get: 

  • Premium quality tungsten steel soft tip darts with an ultra-long shaft. With the extra length, they can be used with ease and will last longer.
  • Each set contains 3 x 18g Red Dragon tungsten steel soft tip darts.
  • The Red Dragon darts set comes with a pair of soft tip, flights, and three Red Dragon stems with amberjacks in your favorite color.

4. Viper Super Bee

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I thought it would be fun to have some soft-tip darts for practice. I picked up these super bee soft tip darts. They’re 16 grams. They’re definitely lighter than the original super bees.

I like that they’re made out of nickel. They’re very soft, and they’re flexible. They’re not as hard as wood darts, but they still make a satisfying “thwack” sound when you hit the target. They’re also easy to store. They’re not as heavy as wood darts.

Overall, I’d say they’re a good deal. They’re not as expensive as the Above darts

What you will get: 

  • Soft, supple, and durable, soft-grip aluminum shafts
  • Micro-tip technology. With a new diamond tip system, these darts are the highest-performing soft tips on the market.
  • Easy grip and feel. Six bands of knurling enhance the grip of soft-tip darts.
  • Available in brass, nickel silver, and black-coated brass barrels.
  • Three darts in the set include a pair of black coated barrel darts and a pair of black flight and brass barrel darts.

5. CyeeLife Plastic Tip Darts Set

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CyeeLife is a professional dart set that includes soft-tip darts, and aluminum shafts. This set is designed to be used with the electronic dartboard. The soft tip darts are made of high-quality plastic and have a weight of 18/22g.

The aluminum shafts are durable. The flights are made of Plastic and are able to hold the darts in place. You should have these darts for the electronic dartboard.

What you will get:

  • 15 Pack Darts Set
  • 100 Plastic Tips
  • 15 Aluminum shafts
  • 20 Flights


The best soft tip dart set is the Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts. They’re very light and flexible.

They’re not too heavy, and they’re not too soft. They’re a great dart set for beginners and pros alike.

in the end, it all depends on what you like and what you want to do with the darts. I would recommend the Above darts set because it has a really nice feel and it’s comfortable in his hands.

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