what is interactive darts

What is interactive darts?

Interactive darts are a great way to bring your darts game to life by turning a boring dart board into a more fun interactive experience.

Players are able to interact with new styles, themes, and goals with Interactive Darts. The new technology combines video games and reality into one competitive socializing experience that’s fun for all levels of ability.

How Does it Work?

There are two types of interactive darts.

Smarts Interactive Darts:

Smart Interactive darts work using sensors built into the dart board. As the dart is thrown the sensor will sense if the dart hits the board or misses. The dart’s trajectory will be recorded and displayed on the dart board. This way the game can be played in real-time.

Augmented Reality Darts:

Augmented Reality Darts work by projecting images onto a mirror-mounted dartboard and reflecting them back to the player. The computer displays the dartboard from the vantage point of the player and allows the player to throw a dart while viewing a video of the dartboard. The dart board will display the result, which can then be compared with the previous throw.

User experience 

The most common use for interactive darts is tournament events, such as the World Cup of Darts, where players will be able to choose from a variety of themes, and styles to compete against each other.

The Smarts Darts lane has an authentic Unicorn board, a wall-mounted screen that leads players through the games, displays, scores, and prompts players when it’s their turn, and a touch screen user interface.

The easy-to-use interface allows players to enter their names, take selfies, pick their teams, view the food and drinks, and even signal for a waiter.

Once the game starts, the wall-mounted screen identifies who should be playing and where on the board they need to be aiming for. The dart is instantly detected by the system and an animated dart is displayed on the screen using video-game-style graphics.


There is a range of games that are easy, medium, and hard and cater to all levels of skill. All three levels of games are available.

The majority of the games are playful twists that involve using your throw to build up the highest score or use your throw to be the first to zero and are not based on a traditional game of darts.

The most popular game is called Killer, in which skilled throwing is rewarded with the opportunity to defeat and destroy your opponents, in order to get the blood pumping.